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Sound Quality

ear.jpgThe right sound can make all the difference.  At SleepFans, we give careful consideration to the sound generated by our fans.  Research shows that different sound frequencies actually impact the brain in different ways.  Higher frequencies can heighten brain activity.  Lower frequencies can cause relaxation and even sleep.

A conventional fan makes white noise, which is equal parts of high and low frequencies.  Just as white light is not an absence of color, but is rather a combination of all colors, sound works the same way.  White noise is all sound frequencies the human ear can hear playing at the same time.

Even though white noise is the accepted sound spectrum for most sleep sound products, many people find it irritating because of the high-end frequencies that it produces.  Using a sound generator, we surveyed people to determine what sound they found most pleasing and relaxing, based upon the sound frequency spectrum.  The result was red noise, otherwise known as Brownian noise, which drops out the higher-end frequencies.  To illustrate the difference, think of white noise as the sound of static on your TV, whereas red noise is like the sound of a cat's purr.

At SleepFans, we design our fan blades with the purpose of producing a relaxing sound.  Since science indicates that lower-frequency sound can help you relax and even sleep better, we made that one of the goals for our fans.  Our pedestal, tabletop and wall mount fan models specifically generate red noise and have the ability to adjust the sound volume up or down.

Our Ariel ceiling fan generates a lower sound freguency, but also was designed to operate quieter than traditional ceiling fans.

For more information about how sound frenquencies can impact you, see "Entrainment".