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Fan Design

The SleepFans' design is revolutionary in the electric fan world.  It is the first fan developed specifically to help you sleep even better.  Its patent-pending technology creates a soothing sound that promotes relaxation and sleep. The attractive Pedestal Fan and Tabletop/Wall Mount models feature this technology and the ability to adjust the sound volume independent of the blade speed and airflow. Never has this been done before.













The SleepFans' Ceiling Fan Blade is unique in the ceiling fan world.  Its aerodynamic wing shape and twist allow it to move air the entire length of the blade and move more of it, unlike traditional ceiling fan blades.  The winglet, at the tip of the blade, smooths the airflow and reduces wind noise, causing the blade to operate quieter.  The winglet, also reduces drag on the blade, which allows for the use of a smaller motor, creating energy savings when compared to a traditional flat bladed ceiling fan.


Air movement is conducive to good sleep. SleepFans' blade designs move more air than their conventional counterparts and uses less energy to do it. Moving air creates a wind chill effect, or produces the appearance of a decrease in air temperature. Air moving over your skin allows heat energy to escape more quickly than normal and can make you feel cooler than the actual temperature.

Make sure that there is no medical reason that is preventing you from sleeping.  Difficulty sleeping can be a symptom of a more serious problem.  If you think you may have a medical condition, see your doctor.