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brainwavesf.jpgBrain wave entrainment is a natural solution for improving your sleep.

Entrainment occurs when an external sound stimulus is applied to the brain for a period of time. This can actually cause the brain to “retune” its own frequency to follow the sound wave of the external source. This happens all the time with background noise. Some sounds calm, and some sounds increase brain activity.

Sleep naturally occurs when brain wave frequency begins slowing down from beta waves (awake), to alpha (relaxation), to delta (the dream state of sleep), and finally to theta (deep sleep). 

Brainwave     Frequency       Mental State

Gamma              > 39 Hz        Heightened mental activity
Beta               13 – 39 Hz        Awake, active concentration, cognition
Alpha               7 – 13 Hz        Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness
Delta                  4 – 7 Hz        Dreams, REM sleep, deep relaxation
Theta                   < 4 Hz        Deep dreamless sleep; body “resetting” its internal clocks

If this natural cycle becomes disrupted for any reason, (hormonal changes, shift work, noisy environment, anxiety, etc.), brain entrainment can be used to help re-establish it.  By applying the right sound stimulus for a period of time, the brain frequency can actually adjust to what is being heard.  The effect will be that of relaxation.  The lower sound frequencies of the red noise produced by the SleepFan can help alter brain frequencies, resulting in relaxation, easier drift into sleep, less interrupted sleep, and quicker return to sleep after interruptions. 

Brain wave entrainment has been researched for years and been proven through clinical studies.  So then, why is it not used more often to help people relax and sleep?  Perhaps the answer is simple: in the Western world, we have grown accustomed to looking to a medicine or a pill, along with their side effects, to cure every problem.  If your physician has ruled out any underlying medical conditions that are interfering with your sleep, give SleepFans a chance.  The only side effect that you can expect is... sleep.