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Envision Strategy Group was founded during a friendly lunch conversation that highlighted advancements in aviation. Of the three men around the table, one was devoted to getting a pilot’s license, one had experience with aviation design and all three stood at career crossroads.

The discussion, in the long term, was creating a PAV (personal air vehicle). The short term begged the question, are there consumer products that can be improved with aviation advancements? Thirty product ideas later, the answer was yes. The question then became, which idea to bring to market first?

One topic kept surfacing and that was the fact that all three men, or because of a spouse, slept with a fan on. Whether for the noise, the air movement or both, they were addicted. They knew they could improve a fan’s air movement, but could they design a fan to be more beneficial for sleep, and were there others with the same sleep fan habit? As the three began to survey friends and acquaintances, they found a large number of sleep fan consumers; and what’s more, the majority surveyed were dissatisfied with their current fan.

The fan complaints extended to: needs to be louder; a more soothing sound; more air flow, but less sound; more sound, but less airflow - and on and on it went. The three began to ask themselves, “can we create a fan that can allow airflow and sound volume to be adjusted independently of one another, and have it generate a soothing sound?” The answer, yes!

After a year of research, Envision Strategy Group's first patented product, SleepFans, was born.